Call them bizarre or truly inventive, but nobody does quirky home beauty innovations better than the Japanese.

Introducing a range of unconventional anti-aging gadgets from Japan Trend Shop, a recent internet sensation: Some of them may resemble contraptions straight from Hannibal Lector’s chambers at first sight. But hey, these wacky toys promise to hold the silent secret of youthful, sculpted faces and a skinny, thin chin – without needles or having to go under the scalpel, and at a fraction of the price of plastic surgery! All you need to do is to sit there with the device and look pretty (silly).

Would you give these less-than-graceful-looking age-stoppers a go, all in the name of aging gracefully?

Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt

If a naturally smaller face (that’s what “Kogao” means) and a “more bouyant and youthful visage” is what you seek, you may want to consider using this cheek-tightening, facial-contouring belt “at home or in the bath” (for obvious reasons!) daily.

According to the description, “The double layer of nylon and polychloroprene will trap heat and work on those smile lines or laugh lines that we all hate. In pink and gray, the tight belt may take a little getting used to but you will soon be smiling, all while knowing you can now combat the aftereffects of laughter and fun”. For US$52, we’re 100 percent certain you’ll induce more laughter and smile lines in those around you.

Facial Lift At Once Face Trainer

Like a personal trainer for a hot bod, this adult pacifier of a facial toner has a built-in electric buzzer with 4 different pulse levels to give your cheeks, chin, lips, mouth and nose facial muscles that intense workout you need for a slimmer and firmer face.

Product caution: This product is NOT waterproof. Do not place between your teeth. Only use in mouth.

Beauty Lift High Nose

Wait, there’s more! If you’re intrigued by the Face Trainer, you might also be interested this batt-operated nose lifter by the same manufacturer. This rather freaky contraption may just save you from the knife by using “gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front” to perk up your nose. The cost? US$106, a small price to pay for a perfect nasal profile… if it delivers more than an entertaining read.

– By Michelle Wenli