It’s not what you might be thinking. In fact, this app is all about living clean while looking gorg.

First, consider the following dirty thoughts:

So would you dare hazard a guess how safe that lippy which you’ve been smearing on (and unconsciously swallowing) on a daily basis really is?


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Enter: Think Dirty. Boasting a database of over 12,000 personal care and beauty products currently and growing, this handy app morphs your smart phone into a toxic cosmetics detective, guiding you through the beauty aisles safely and soundly. Simply scan the barcode (on the back of the bottle or on the box) using the built-in scanner feature to unveil the truth behind the ingredient list. It rates each product based on the potentially toxic ingredients it contains and the health impacts they might have, according to information provided by non-profit and government agencies such as The National Library of Medicine’s Hazardous Substances Data Bank and Environmental Working Group (EWG). To make the analysis easily digestible and aid quick comparison between products, this smart app then rates the product’s overall toxicity level on a 0-10 “Dirty Meter” scale across 3 different categories of safety: Carcinogenicity, Developmental & Reproductive toxicity, Allergies & Immunotoxicities. This thoughtful beauty helper also gives you suggestions for “cleaner” options.


think dirty

And how did my vanity and makeup bag fare? Alarmingly, the “natural goodness” of my Jurlique Herbal Recovery Eye Gel ceased to seem so wholesome after all – with the Dirty Meter swinging to the “red alert” score of 10! Unfortunately, information on the bulk of my beauty stash still aren’t available on this app, probably due to the huge variety of products like stars strewn across the Milky Way out there. Most of the products in the current database are also from U.S and Canada. But you can do your part to help clean up our bathroom cabinets by submitting these missing gaps to the dirty brains behind the app for evaluation of the ingredient lists.

We also love that this app is FREE, so that we can save all our beauty pennies for a cleaner set of cosmetics. Think dirty, shop clean.


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By Emily Wong