It is nothing new for women not to shave their pit hair. It has only been a couple of months where Chinese women have been taking to Weibo posting selfies of their underarms hair! It was said to be challenging social norms and embrace their natural beauty. The trend has swept the country’s version of Twitter!

Another bizarre social media trend has emerged – dyed armpit hair is now a thing on social media such as Tumblr and Instagram. There are also videos on YouTube showing ways to go all rainbows on their pits!

Well, thanks to Roxie hunt, a hairstylist who works at a saloon in Seattle, women are now raising their arms high showing off their tuff down their pits with a little glamour by coloring them! Ms Hunt has always wanted to dye someone’s pit hair. She started off dyeing her co-worker’s pit hair blue to match her hair color. Who knew it could be so creative? According to Hunt, dyeing pit hair is more than a simple hot trend. She celebrates pit hair as an act of feminism. In the blog post, she writes, “pit hair has inspired me to make more conscious choices for myself.” The Phenomenon has quickly evolved into the Free Your Pits Movement.

Some has different views. Underarms hair, whether to shave it or not has been a dispute for decades, let alone coloring them. It has always warrants feelings of disgust and sloppiness. Many are revolted by this new bizarre trend and does not think that dyed armpit phenomenon is the best way to express women empowerment.

Before deciding to GROW or GO, do know that dyeing your armpit hair does come with a risk. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer has shown that women who regularly use permanent hair dye may be putting themselves at risk for bladder cancer.

Well, I personally think if you’re tired of shaving your armpits everyday (who isn’t?), maybe you should consider some other alternatives such as laser hair removal rather than a little pastel dye job to your pits! Also, merely dyeing your armpit hair isn’t really an act of feminism. So why mess about with bleach and neon glow on your poor defenseless underarms?

Have the feminist movement once again gotten us perplexed?

Take a look at these women’s colorful fuzz down the pit, and judge for yourself.


– By Julia Shaw