In today’s busy world, it is easy for us women to trade our health for a moment of blissful folly. Unfortunately, before you know it, the deleterious effects are etched into our bodies like a bad tattoo. Find out what the 7 Deadly sins for women are and why we must avoid them at all cost.

#1 Drinking

Two real problems.  Men have an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase in their bodies which helps them to metabolize alcohol. Women have less of that enzyme which means that the ill-effects of alcohol will be more apparent in the female specie.  Serving  size. Too much alcohol puts women at a higher risk for cancer. A little goes a long way.

Solution: Limit your tipple to not more than a glass of red wine a day. If you must indulge, choose beverages with lower alcohol content, and consume lots of water in between.

#2 Binge Eating

All of us are guilty of this at some point. Just broke up with your boyfriend? There is no greater comfort than a bag of nachos. Stress is a factor, explaining why binge eating is more common in unhappy persons. Remember how Britney Spears ballooned in size after her love life crumbled?

Solution: Don’t make food the solution to your life’s woes. Confront your problems and seek help. Substitute eating with healthier pursuits such as yoga, exercise, listening to music, meditating or burning photos of your ex. They are just as effective in putting a smile back on your face …without the calories.

#3 Smoking

We have all seen the gruesome photos on the cigarette boxes. Smoking increases your risk of most cancers. But if that is not enough to scare you off tobacco, did you know that smoking also causes you to age faster than non-smokers?  So if you don’t want to look 10 years older than your friends at the next class reunion, it’s time to ditch the cigarettes today.

Solution: Quitting smoking may sound like a tough call but once you put your mind to it, know that it is possible. Many have successfully kicked this habit and have not regretted it.

#4 Toxic relationships

Who lives longer? Married women or Married men?  Married Men is the answer. Women take care instinctively.  Many women have a hard time walking away from toxic relationships. If you are in an unhappy relationship you have to extricate yourself, figure out how to make yourself happy.  Staying in a toxic relationship damages your health by adding stress.  Don’t tie yourself down in an unhappy bind, learn to walk away, and in some cases, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your sanity.

#5 Sleep deprivation

Most women neglect their sleep, cramming as much into their days (and nights) as possible. While multi-tasking may earn us a pat on the back from the boss, it isn’t going to do much for our health (and beauty). Which of the following is affected by lack of sleep?  A. Your heart B. Your immune system C. Your weight or  D. All of the above.  The Answer is D.  Sleep is important for your overall health.  Make sure to catch your Z’s every night. Our bodies need at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed shit eye a night, most women fall short of that number.

Solution: Turn off all cell phones and blackberry devices during bed time. The flashing light from these devices will disrupt your sleep.  Learn how to slow down an hour before bedtime, try reading a light novel or having a glass of milk. This will ensure you will sleep easily into slumber.

#6 Unsafe sex

What age group of women has the highest increase of HIV 55-70 or 18-55?   It’s women 55-70.  Unprotected sex in older women is a fact, and so is the rise of HIV in women ages 55-70.  You can’t let your guard down.

Solution: Protect yourself every time.

#7 Not seeing the Doctor

Many women think that what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Applying this mentality to your yearly PAP smears and breast checks is a sure fire way of missing a diagnosis that could save your life Keeping your appointment with your doctor is important. Screening tests such as blood pressure, PAP smears, mammogram (if you are old enough) and cholesterol checks can give you peace of mind.

– By Cecilia Lim


*This article has been selected Article of the Month for Feb 2012*