Can injecting something into your face ever look natural? The mention of fillers or Botox might trigger mental images of the drastically altered famous faces (not in the most flattering way) of Renee Zellweger, or the oddly puffed up ‘pillow faces’ of Meg Ryan, Lindsay Lohan and Simon Cowell. None of which we wish for ourselves.



Zooming back in time, the 1990’s are remembered for many notable things: The Backstreet Boys and the original supermodels (Claudia, Linda, Naomi and Christy). But the biggest leap in the beauty stratosphere was definitely injectables such as skin fillers and Botox. In the ’90s, these literal youth dews that showed promise of dermal time travel sans the scalpel really hit their stride and brought sea change to the face of clinical youth-reviving treatments. Decades on, dermal fillers, in particular, have greatly evolved, thanks to the development of skin-identical hyaluronic acid that’s highly biocompatible – which means great safety, and natural look and feel.


Natural fillers, such as Restylane, have now become one of the most requested beauty treatments worldwide. As a leading filler brand, Restylane alone has been used in over 20 millions treatments to date. These clear gel formulations of hyaluronic acid is specifically formulated to act like your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid, helping to instantly, visibly reduce moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles without freezing out expression muscles, restore the facial contour and definition that’s blunted by time, add fullness or definition to your lips, deliver a major moisture surge by restoring the young skin’s innate water-holding abilities, and reactivate collagen regeneration.




Still wary? Hell yes, and that’s smart! Please refer to the above pictures again…But it must be said that those ‘chipmunk cheeks’ and ‘trout pout’ misdemeanours occur not because of the filler itself. While product quality goes hand in hand with predictability of results and safety, frequent culprits of the tabloid-worthy frightening pictures is the lack of understanding (or respect) of the facial anatomy and it’s overall harmony by the person who held the needle, as well as over-enthusiasim on the part of the recipient.




So remember, slow and steady wins the race against ageing. According to Dr Low Chai Ling, Medical Director of The Sloane Clinic, instead of dumping in large amounts of fillers, it is not uncommon for experienced (and prudent) doctors to ‘stage’ the rejuvenation process by performing two or more treatments performed several weeks apart. The idea is to allow for optimum tissue integration of small amount of hyaluronic acid each time, and a chance for both the doctor and the patient to reassess if there is a need for additional injections.

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Novel techniques like the Restylane Hydrolift, popularised by dewy-skinned Korean celebrities, has also helped many women and men achieve naturally lifted, contoured and radiant versions of themselves, without surgery.



But how do you know for sure? After all, the beauty industry is famous for showing extreme looks and altered images. It can be hard to trust results of aesthetic treatments just by looking at an image. We would only believe our own eyes when we see the living proof, in flesh, IRL…which is what Restylane’s latest project is about.


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Below are pictures of some of the twins featured in the film as real life demonstration of what natural results with natural fillers mean. We thought the results were subtle, but noticeable – exactly what we want for ourselves!

Could you guess which lucky twin was treated?

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Amie (left) received Restylane fillers for gentle skin lifting, subtle volume restoration to counter facial deflation with ageing, as well as to soften out fine lines. The result is a refreshed look with a healthy dewy glow and smoother, supple skin, while retaining her natural expressions.

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James (left) had Restylane Natural Fillers to give his cheeks and jawline a quiet lift against gravity. His undereye area was also rejuvenated with Restylane to brighten, smoothen and lift away years – in a blink.

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Jenny (right) received 3 sessions of Restylane skin booster treatments to deliver a mega hydration boost deep within her skin, elasticity and supple radiance.

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Jonathan (right) has received just 1 session of Restylane Skinbooster treatment as a quick complexion tune-up for his face, including the undereye area that is starting to show signs of fatigue such as hollowing, bagginess, dullness and fine lines.






Gay (left) received a course of 3 Restylane Skinbooster treatments to repair the ravages of time on her neck, décolletage and hands, as evidenced by improvements in texture, thickness and elasticity of the her neck skin here.

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– By Magdeleine Lim


*This article has been selected Editor’s Choice for Dec 2015*