As the old adage goes, “Beauty is only skin deep”. Indeed, great glowing skin will not make you “Woman of the Year” or fix your love life directly. But feeling beautiful in your skin can certainly give you a confidence boost to put your best foot forward. From going for glow to an uplifting transformation, 3 SKIN testers valiantly lent their skin to be zapped and jabbed at The Sloane Clinic by Dr Wong Jinly, to see if the latest and hottest aesthetic treatments are really worth the hype.


oneblackACNE & RED SCARS

Adult acne driven by hormonal changes often plagues ladies in their 20s and 30s (and sometimes well beyond).  If topical products ain’t cutting it and oral medications do not make it to your preferred list, advanced light-based therapies such as anti-acne laser and LED light might be your answer to put a pause on pimples and accompanying scars.


Yvonne, 36, has been perplexed by the constant conundrum of pimples and easily dehydrated, sensitive skin. Besides the monthly hormonal fluctuations, frequent flying due to work requirements in the recent 2 years seems to have made her cranky skin worse. She hopes to calm down her complexion so that she can go back to wearing minimal makeup confidently.  


What the Doctor Says: “Yvonne had hormonal acne along her jawline and chin, as well as clogged pores in her Tzone. The stubborn red scars just worsen the situation visually. The Vbeam Perfecta laser used in our Purifying Program reduces the pimple-causing bacterial load and regulates the oil gland activity simultaneously to control breakouts, clear bumpy whiteheads and blackheads and refine pore size. This laser is also an ideal choice in this case as it heals persistent red scars, soothes skin flushing in sensitive, redness-prone skin and removes broken capillaries for an even, luminous skin tone. A simple skincare regime which includes Sloane Inc Complexion Corrector Clarity, Clarifying Gel and Perfecting Dew will help keep her pores pristine, breakouts at bay and skin balanced.”


What the Patient Says: “While I’ve always had thin skin, the strong acids and intermittent oral acne medications I received from my previous derm made me a whole lot more sensitive although it did reduce the breakouts temporarily. So I was pretty apprehensive about laser treatments in the beginning, since it has been rumoured that lasers can be harsh and might ‘thin out’ the skin. Thumbs up for the gentle Vbeam laser – not only did it clear up most of my spots and persistent red scars without irritating my skin, my overall complexion has a healthy glow to it now.”


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If a fallen face has left you looking (and feeling) forlorn, the new Silhouette Soft Threadlift might just put a smile back onto your uplifted visage. Like a veritable reset button, this non-surgical mini lift suspends the effect time and gravity on the cheeks, jawline and brows. Best of all, the results are natural as this new-generation threadlift is made of 100 percent absorbable material that’s tried-and-tested as surgical sutures for years, and will gradually dissolve away spontaneously over a few months. By that time, your skin tissue would have re-perched themselves to their uplifted positions, imparting a more radiant youthful look to your overall appearance.     


Nancy, 65, is a healthy, happy, retired mother of two. She now volunteers daily at a charitable organisation for sick and lonely old folks. She feels blessed for her beautiful family and takes charge of her health proactively with a clean, active lifestyle, but would prefer if her appearance can mirror the positive outlook and youthful vitality she feels inside.       


What the Doctor Says: “The Silhouette Soft Threadlift is a very satisfying treatment for both the patient and the physician alike, as this quick and simple non-surgical lift that’s performed through just a few small injections elevates saggy cheeks and jowls immediately, and without enforced recovery time behind closed curtains. But its benefit does not stop there. Over the next 3 to 4 months, Nancy can expect to enjoy a further lifting of the skin for a shapelier face with less wrinkles, as new collagen is stimulated by the self-resorbing threads to strengthen the deep supportive layers of the skin.”

“I’d also recommend Natural Filler to further smoothen out her jawline in the pre-jowl hollowing that has formed with age below the corners of her lips. Gentle skin rejuvenation lasers such as the Fraxel Light would be a good choice to freshen up her entire complexion as well.”


What the Patient Says: “I was pleasantly surprised that the procedure was not scary as I had imagined. I felt a tiny pinprick at the start and a tugging sensation at the end when the doctor was tightening the threads, and there was mild post-injection swelling that went away within 1-2 days. But that was a small price to pay for pounds and years the threadlift took off my face. The amazing lift in my cheeks never fails to make me go “wow” when I look into the mirror – it even made my eyebags and laugh lines disappear! I’m excited to get the threadlift done for those droopy brows as well.”


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Whether you are looking at facial aesthetics, fashion design or fine arts, achieving the ideal balance and proportions is key in creating an attractive result that will instinctively please any pair of eyes.


Annie, 32, feels she looks more mature than her chronological age. She has tried facials and various skincare products to lift and brighten her skin previously, but none has truly delivered. Now she’s ready to test out “the more serious stuff” that doctors have to offer. 


What the Doctor Says: “The ‘Magic Button’ for Annie was the Natural Filler for her chin and nose. Using the new-generation sculptural hyaluronic acid filler, we enhanced Annie’s chin that’s relatively small and weak compared to her prominent cheeks and wide jawline. This helped by elongating and balancing out her facial proportions, while augmenting that important focal point for the V-shaped face she seeked. Nose filler not only hid the hump on her nasal bridge for a better profile, a sharper nose draws attention to the central face in a north-south direction to further offset the heaviness she complains about in her lower face. At the same time, Annie underwent 1 session of BOTOX jaw slimming to further take some of that unwanted weight off her mildly squarish jaw for a softer, fresher facial contour. We also did a series of 3 Light Lift laser at monthly intervals to jumpstart the collagen production for an overall skin firming, pore toning and complexion brightening effect.”


What the Patient Says: “I’ve never thought my chin, or nose for that matter, was ever a problem until the doctor pointed it out. Now it makes perfect sense when I saw the immediate slimness and definition it gave my face! What I really loved about this approach of harmonising and highlighting facial features was that it just brought out a refreshed, better version of me  – I still looked like me. Friends and colleagues noticed a difference, everyone complimented about how fresh I looked, but nobody could actually put a finger to it. This was exactly what I was looking for.”


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– By Claudia Lin