Whether it’s a goodnight smack with the summer fling or a passionate tonsil tennis with your squeeze, there’s a whole lot more to a kiss than a simple collision of lips and tongue. Flu scares aside, smooching actually jogs up a spectrum of physiological processes to spruce up your body.


BOOST IMMUNITY – When you lock lips with your beau, you’re not just swapping spit, you’re also exchanging germs. Like natural vaccination, that triggers your body to produce antibodies to fight foreign bugs such as the cytomegalovirus. Strengthening a woman’s body defenses against this virus before pregnancy can protect the unborn baby from birth defects due to congenital CMV infection.

PS: This is only relevant if you’re smooching a healthy dude – you wouldn’t want to catch an infection from the lad at the bar sporting a suspicious blister on his lip.


FIGHT TOOTH DECAY – There’s a good reason why a kiss is called a “wet one”. Smooching stimulates saliva production which washes off harmful bacteria from your teeth.

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BURN CALORIES – Okay…we’re not talking the equivalent of a trip to the gym here. But every little bit counts, right? Puckering up can torch anywhere between 2 to 6 calories per minute. That’s about half a handful of M&M’s or half a glass of wine in an hour of romance. At least it reduces our guilt of digging into dessert.

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BUST STRESS – Scientists have found that kissing releases the ultimate feel-good cocktail of oxytocin (a calming chemical), endorphins (the happy neurochemicals) and dopamine (which aids romantic attachment), while reducing cortisol (the stress hormone). Connect with the one you love now for a sense of bliss and full-bodied pleasure.


ANTI-AGE YOUR FACE – A tongue-tangling French kiss is a great workout which enlists an army of about 30 facial muscles. You’ll not only feel loved and happier, your cheeks might actually look perkier and more youthful too!

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EASE ALLERGIES – Sneezy, dripping nose and feeling miserable from hay fever? Time to hook up! A Japanese study found that making out for 30 minutes a day can slow histamine production, helping you alleviate your allergy symptoms.


– By Michelle Wenli