Achieving one’s dreams and defying one’s limits are not just reserved for privileged celebrities or supermodels. Even ordinary women and men can look special and deserve to feel special. SKIN invited people from all walks of life and chronicled their beauty makeovers using various advanced clinically-proven treatments.

Amy figured out that she could polish her look for big results while staying true to herself. The accountant and Malaysian girl-next-door in her thirties shares her exciting transformation with SKIN.

Work takes up the majority of my time and energy. I’ve never really put much thought or effort into my looks. After all, we are often told it’s what’s ‘inside’ of us that counts the most.

But recently, during a dinner get-together with my best friends – two of the most gorgeous, well-dressed, put-together women I knew left me feeling insecure and unattractive.

One of the girls told me very bluntly that I’m looking 50, and needed to do something ASAP. I was mortified!! That same night, she did my makeup and blow-dried my hair. I looked in the mirror and…I looked quite amazing. There and then, I realized I could remain true to myself and still look great! It was time to fix Amy up.


My biggest leap of faith was the upper blepharoplasty to create natural-looking double eyelids which added allure and definition to my eyes. The procedure and recovery time was much easier than I imagined, thanks to my gentle and reassuring Dr Tan Ying Chien.

Restylane natural filler to soften my laugh lines and enhance on nose bridge was a breeze, in comparison to eyelid surgery. Loved that it was instant gratification and did not cause any downtime for me. The Laser Peel toned up my coarse pores and balanced my oily Tzone for a more refined complexion.

Next, I went on a shopping trip with my friend for makeup & hair products. I bought the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but I gave up after 2 days as I do not like too many layers on my face. Instead, I opted for a light-weight BB cream which offered sheer coverage (which was enough with my smoother skin after treatment), light skin hydration and sun protection as well. Similarly, I couldn’t manage the hair dryer and round brush. But Redken Ringlet 07 was a great find as it smoothed my frizz and gave my curls definition. Simply adore the creamy texture and saturated colour of my new Cle De Peau’s extra rich lipstick too, and it apparently has lip hydrating and anti-aging benefits as well.

I also learnt the importance of full lashes and well-shaped brows as they framed my eyes and face. I’m starting to see new and thicker lashes sprouting 3 weeks after I’ve started Latisse, a lash growth enhancer. So one single coat of mascara, a quick filling in of my brows with an eyebrow pencil and some lipstick and voila! I’m ready to go.


Now I think that I look like a more polished version of myself. While nobody seems to be able to pinpoint any of the specific changes, I’ve received many compliments on my overall appearance. Most importantly, I feel happy when I face my reflection every morning, and I feel confident that I’m looking my best when I face the world.

These beauty treatments are part of my self-discovery process and I have to do what feels comfortable and works for me. Throughout this whole makeover process, I’ve learnt to love and accept myself for who I am, cherish my own values, accept my strengths as well as my weaknesses. If from there I want to make changes, they have to be for me and only me.


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