With the Twilight mania, half of the female population fang-tasize about Edward (the other half is probably on Team Jacob). And we adore Kirsten Dunst for embracing her sexy snaggle fangs. But paying big bucks for vampire teeth?

Besides night-dwelling Gothic vampire fans, many trendy Japanese women are also rushing to their cosmetic dentists’ to get their pointy canines with a crowded, crooked-teeth smile – known otherwise as the “yaeba” look, which translates to “double tooth”.

As opposed to the fascinations with blood-lusting vampires in Western beauty world, the fanged look sought after by Japanese women is to make their smile more child-like, replicating the misalignment due to delayed baby teeth. It is also thought that a well-calculated dash of imperfection would make a pretty face even more endearing, easily approachable and attractive to the men.

The popular Japanese “yaeba” procedure involves attaching non-permanent adhesive mini fangs to the canines, and may cost around $600. Other ladies may opt for sharply pointed permanent veneers which can cause about $2000 each.