You know that regular exercise is good for you – it helps fight many chronic diseases, improves sleep, elevates your mood and boosts energy levels. But if you need more motivation to stick to your workout plans, why not make your significant other your best workout buddy for mutual support, and fit exercise sessions into your dating schedule?

Besides helping you look good for each other, regular sweat-outs with your sweetie can add sparks to your sex life, and build a healthy love relationship:


Exercising Together Fosters Emotional Closeness

Couples who work out together stay together.

Be it brisk walking in the park or working out at the gym, exercising with your spouse gives you a chance to spend quality time together. It’s an opportunity for you to overcome a challenge as a team and build common goals. This can strengthen your emotional bond as a couple.

And why not make things interesting with a little friendly competition as you workout? Place a wager on the outcome of your competition – the reward could be a massage in bed. That should make it a win-win situation!


Exercise Makes You Feel Sexy

Not only does keeping fit makes you feel good about yourself in general and enhances the sense of control, it is proven to boost your sexual self-esteem as well.

Research showed that more physically fit college students (male and female) rated their own sexual desirability significantly higher than those who are less active. As the number of days of exercise per week increased, so did their self-perception of attractiveness and energy levels.


Exercise Enhances Bedroom Performance

Another good reason to get your heart pounding with the one your heart beats for, especially if chubby hubby is not up to par.

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by circulatory problems, and shares similar risk factors (like diabetes, hypertension and obesity) as cardiovascular diseases. Exercise helps keep the weight and blood vessels healthy, hence reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Researchers looked at men over the age of 50 and found that those who were physically active reported better erections and a 30 percent lower risk of impotence than men who were inactive.

The good news is: Even low levels of physical activity tend to keep his equipment in better working condition. Sedentary men could significantly lower their risk of erectile dysfunction by burning at least 200 calories per day (equal to fast-walking for about 2 miles).


Exercise Helps You Achieve the Big-O

Exercise can be a real power trip for your relationship by releasing endorphins – “happy” chemicals that induce a sense of pleasure and relieves stress.

Other than bringing about a “runner’s high”, study has shown that women were more sexually responsive and easily aroused following 20 minutes of vigorous endorphin-releasing exercise.  Amongst males, short intense exercise is linked with increased testosterone which stimulates sexual interest and behaviour.


Exercise Keeps You Frisky For Longer

Exercise can add years to your life, but take years off your sexual age.

In a study by Harvard University involving 160 male and female swimmers in their 40s and 60s, regular physical activity was associated with increased frequency and enjoyment of sex. In fact, swimmers in their 60s actually reported sex lives comparable to those in their 40s.


Ignite Your Love Life with Exercise

Although a morning run may not sound exactly like a romantic weekend outing, couples who exercise together can not only stave off the extra pounds that are often linked to marriage, but it spices up your relationship in and out of the bedroom at the same time.

It might just be the secret to your happily ever after!


– By Claudia Lin