From skincare and makeup tips, to product reviews and even breast augmentation simulation, there’s a bevy of iPhone and Android beauty apps to make dolling up on-the-go fun and easy.

Now Fujitsu is attempting to up the cool quotient with a new Japanese app which promises to transform your smartphone into a clever mobile complexion-monitoring device.

Armed with a colour-compensating panel, this app auto-adjusts photos taken on your phone camera to correct for variations in ambient lighting. These pictures of specified areas of the face are then analysed for parameters like pigmentation and pores, which are presented as scores and digitized binary images. The images and data are stored for later comparison.

The unbearably cute cartoonised colour frame serves as a yardstick to allow for more accurate tracking of your skin condition over time, and to objectively determine your progress with the beauty regime – a similar concept as the sophisticated imaging and skin analysis systems used in professional clinics and high-end salons, but in a highly simplified version available at your fingertips. “Youth in a bottle” or “miracle broth”? Well, we shall see…

But we are more intrigued by its potential to help us make appropriate adjustments in our skincare routine early and more precisely (or prompt an earlier derm appointment!) to best suit our varying skin needs with environmental or stress-related changes…and with aging *gasp* – which means we stay in “app”-solute tip-toe condition all the time!

Control freaks, you might call us. But hey, we just like to take charge of our cosmetic destiny.

This app is currently undergoing field-testing, with Japan set as its first launching pad. Versions in other languages and for other ethnic groups will follow.


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– By Claudia Lin