Time to come out of the woods: We’re delving into some…ahem…unpleasant beauty issues many of us are secretly bothered by, but nobody wants to talk about. But Dr Chua Han Boon, from The Sloane Clinic, has some tricks and treatments to tame those uglies.


#1 Whiskers: How to Get Rid of Fussiest Fuzz

Hair sprouting in unexpected places  – the fe-moustache, on the décolleté, around nipples, and on moles – tend to leave ladies feeling both bewildered and embarrassed. If you’ve always been moderately furry all round, you’ve probably just got your genes to thank. Hormonal shifts (like menopause) or disorders (like polycystic ovarian syndrome) can result in male pattern hair growth. If you’re tired of waxing and threading, laser hair removal disables active hair follicles for good, reducing the unwanted fuzz off your face and chest permanently. It might be more difficult to zap hair off pigmented moles; and melanoma monitoring can also become more difficult if the laser removes some pigment in the mole as well. As hairy mature moles are often bigger and deeper, surgical excision of the mole is frequently advised to rid you of the problem. Meanwhile, you can trim or pluck hairs off it.



#2 Hamster Cheeks: How to Deflate Baby Chub

Baby fat on the sides of the mouth look oh-so-cute on a toddler or your pet rodent, but not-so-chic on your cheeks. It can trouble even young slim swans, packing on virtual pounds and will exaggerate any sagging. Buccal fat removal is a minor “lunchtime” surgical treatment where the plastic surgeon targets stubborn pockets of the excess lower cheek chub through a small incision from inside of the mouth. Existing lax skin due to ageing should be toned with products, lasers or radiofrequency to help you achieve the coveted V-shaped modelesque contour.

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#3 Chicken Skin: How to Smoothe Bumpy Arms

Keratosis Piliaris (layman translation: the rough skin-coloured or reddish bumps on the upper arms and thighs due to sticky dead cells plugging around hair follicles) is a common genetic affliction, especially in those with sensitive or dry skin. Non-drying soap-free cleansers, regular gentle exfoliation with a body scrub or a product with AHA/BHA (we love: Sloane Inc. Clarity Water), together with religious moisturizing is a good way to start smoothing things over. In more resistant cases, your doctor may prescribe a vitamin A cream to help you take those tiny, albeit irritating, bumps out of your life.



#4 Sweaty Fish: How to Keep Sweaty (& Smelly) Pits Dry

Hyperhidrosis, or excess sweatiness, is most commonly genetically-determined (except for the occasional sufferer of an overactive thyroid). If even prescription strength anti-perspirants ain’t plugging it or are causing you darkened underarms (due to low-grade chronic irritation), try Botox (we kid you not). Underarm Botox microinjections calms down the overstimulated sweat glands, keeping you dry and fresh for up to 7 months. Point to note: Although natural fabrics like cotton are generally great to wick away moisture quickly, try not to choose silk on a nerve-wrecking (sweat-inducing) occasion – one drop of sweat can spread into a lake of telltale sweat stain on silk.

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#7 Panda Creases:  How to Lighten Dark Underarms, Groin and Butt

Repeated trauma (such as constant friction and pressure, or frequent shaving) and chronic irritation (from sweat or chemicals like deodorants) are the usual culprits for increased pigmentation in body folds; and obesity or having skin of colour further increases the tendency for this unsightly darkening. Reducing avoidable contributory factors (e.g. stop using the deodorant, or permanently removing armpit hair instead of shaving) should be one of the first measures you take. Whitening products with low concentrations of AHA or gentle forms of vitamin A can be used to lighten up the pigmentation. More severe cases might require Pigment Laser to remove the excess melanin.

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#6 Hush Puppy Ears: How to Improve Saggy Earlobes

If years of wearing heavy earrings are stretching out your piercings, it’s time to cut the diva drama and switch to lower carat studs. For mild cases, small amounts of Natural Fillers can plump up the earlobe around the piercing to improve the appearance of the thinned, overstretched skin. For more severe cases with a Buddha semblance, you can have your lobes surgically repaired by the plastic surgeon with a simple procedure under local anaesthesia.




#7 Bat Wings: How to Bid Bingo Arms Goodbye

Notoriously difficult to tame as they are, wobbly arms can sculpted to emulate Mrs Obama’s perfect FLOTUS pair. If you’re weighed down by pinchable fat but surgery-conservative, CoolFit can help you put a freeze on the flab without injections or downtime. This new and narrower applicator for the original Zeltiq CoolSculpting enables your doctor to work on hard-to-reach areas like the arms and bra fat to chill fat cells to death. Strength-training exercises to tone the triceps (the super underused flap at the back of your wings), on top of the more familiar biceps-defining workouts are most vital to give you the right to bare.

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– By Libby Tanada