Celebrities are constantly caught in rumour echo chambers – What did she name her baby? Are they on the verge of divorce? Is that overzealous Botox we’re seeing on the red carpet? – that’s all business as usual.

A close rival to the social media firestorm set off by Kim Kardashian’s extraordinarily huge naked butt on Paper Magazine last year, #Angelababy recently rocketed up to one of the top viral hashtags to break the Internet after the recent announcement that she has been to the plastic surgeon’s office, not for treatment, but to prove that her exquisite baby-faced beauty was born this way.



The 26-year-old, whose real name is Yeung Wing, sued a Beijing clinic, Ruili, for defamation after it alleged she had plastic surgery. After 3 years of dispute, the Court had her undergo a battery of physical examination and facial x-rays by medical professionals “to certify its authenticity”, the BBC reported. This took place in the presence of her lawyer, two notaries public and a host of reporters.





The verdict: According to renowned plastic surgeon, Qi Zuoliang, “Baby’s entire head and facial bones do not have any signs of incisions.”

Sigh with us now…




This sounds all too familiar. Remember the great Kylie Jenner Lip-liner-vs-plastic-surgery debate on her suspiciously ballooning famous pout? Or Dame Helen Mirren’s L’oreal Age Perfect moisturising cream ad, for which L’oreal was accused of overly airbrushing – since the 69 year-old Oscar winner couldn’t look as good as she did in the ad without the help of Photoshop, could she? The TV and print campaigns were subsequently cleared by the advertising watchdog as Helen Mirren really does look that good.


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These incidents all have a similar theme: Women being shamed for decisions they make regarding their own bodies – whether through genius makeup tricks, brilliant surgery, non-surgical aesthetic treatments (that should be labelled a work of art), or maybe just a great skincare regimen.

But really, even if Angelababy did choose to go under the knife, why is that evoking such huge, negative response? Why are we still attacking or harping on women (and men) who choose to do so? Why should anyone have to go to such great and humiliating lengths in order to prove that she did or didn’t? And surely the public Justice system must have better things to do.

No matter how you try to spin or make sense of all these questions, at the end of the day, haters gonna hate. So you just have to keep doing you, no matter what that incorporates.



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– By Claudia Lin