What separates the ‘super-young-looking’ from the ‘old-before-their-time’ people we meet in our lives? Good genes, luck of the draw or just plain old hard work? Research has shown that your genes account for only a portion of how you look, but with time, your actions (or inaction) play a bigger part. We identity 5 main factors that will predict if you will be a 50 year-old looking like a nubile twenty-something or a 30 year-old resembling a washed out fifty-something.

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You think ahead

Many women (and men) tend to be reactive rather than proactive. In fact, most of the beauty treatments and products on the market right now are targeted at correcting problems, not preventing them. We all know we need an anti-wrinkle cream or a shot of botox when wrinkles creep up on our foreheads. But only a handful of us will look ahead and start giving our skin the head start it needs right now.
What Super-agers Say:

“My mother was a big user of eye cream and always made me apply some under my eyes before bed even when I was 19 years old. Till this day, I always attribute this little habit for my youthful-looking eyes,” says Yasmin, 39 year old photographer who looks at least a decade younger.

“I knew I wasn’t into cosmetic surgery, so prevention was a big thing for me. I had Dream Sculpture on my 29th birthday. It is not a filler but a treatment to stimulate collagen growth in my skin. I had Thermage after my first child when I turned 32. I have no doubts regular preventative aesthetic treatments are the reasons why I look younger than my peers,” claims Donna, a 38 year old mother of two.

What Doctors Say:

“I advise my patients to be proactive, not reactive when it comes to their skin. My patients are using at least SPF 30 daily to ward off the ill-effects of UV, and they should be embarking on some anti-aging treatments by the time they hit 30, no matter how small. It can be as simple as a 40 minute LED red photobiomodulation light to boost the healing capacity of the skin or a session of Revitalift eye to restore the suppleness of the undereye skin” says Dr Low Chai Ling from The Sloane Clinic.


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You are diligent and consistent

Recent research has shown that success in adulthood was not dependent on one’s IQ but rather on one’s grit. Similarly, when it comes to great skin, it isn’t how good you look when you are 16, but how consistent and diligent you are through the years. History has been littered with countless examples of teenage supermodel-lookalikes who have lost their looks over time due to neglect and abuse. It takes effort to maintain a consistent skincare regime, and an even greater effort to turn up for regular maintenance facials and other grooming therapies. Those who think beauty is born is wrong, beauty is clearly bred.

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What Super-agers Say:

“Having suffered from acne for many years, I finally kept it under control when I found Deep Red and Clear Blue facials at my doctor’s clinic. I have been going for these deep cleansing facials monthly for the past 5 years, and my skin looks way better now than it did when I was in my teens!” says Fiona who finally found a solution to her acne outbreaks in her thirties.

“I am a frowner. I don’t mind the frown lines so much but when my doctor told me that the constant creasing is doing irreparable damage to my skin, I decided to try botulinum toxin injections. I have been going to get Botox every 4 to 5 months; this is the reason I do not have any lines on my forehead and look way younger” advises Martin, a marketing executive in his forties who looks like he’s not a day older than 30.

What Doctors Say: 

According to research, regular use of an active ingredient such as Vitamin C, when done consistently over time can result in significant rejuvenation of the skin. In this study, subjects found that visible anti-aging effects on their skin after 60 days of topical vitamin C use. By focusing on key ingredients that work such as pure vitamin C like that found in Dermaboost C rather than hype, you can accumulate significant transformative youth-retarding benefits for your skin in the long run.

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You don’t take big risks

When the first K-pop wave hit our shores, everyone was clamouring for a slice of anything remotely Korean. From Korean hairstyles to Korean type plastic surgery, many young men and women embraced the K-pop trend so wholeheartedly, some did not even think twice about changing their entire face. The problem about following trends however is that trends come and go. What looks good during a trend may become very jaded when the trend fades. Think of shoulder pads, patterned tights, bell-bottom pants. The difference is that these trends are not irreversibly etched onto our faces. When it comes to staying youthful, steer clear of making big changes to the way you look. You want to enhance your assets but retain the essence of you. What you don’t want to do is transform your face into a generic version of someone else.


What Super-agers Say:

“I draw the line at changing my face entirely. I was not averse to making myself look like a younger, better version of me, so the biggest treatment I have ever done was the Infinity face thread lift with Dr Kenneth Lee at The Sloane Clinic” says 49 year old Camille.

“Two of my friends went to korea for eye and nose jobs, and they came back looking like each other… and like a thousand other modified faces walking around Asia. That’s why even though I wanted to enhance my nose, I chose to have Nose Thread Lifts inserted instead. The results are natural, not artificial, and I found the 30 minute procedure very comfortable,” says Lauren, a 32 year old freelance writer.

What Doctors Say: 

“I wouldn’t advise any of my patients to look like someone else. It is always better to be the best version of yourself” says Dr Kenneth Lee. “Some of my patients contemplating surgical rhinoplasties start off with reversible Nose Fillers or Nose Thread Lifts. If they are happy with how they look and want something more permanent, they then move on to surgery”.

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You trust science not fiction

There are too many creams out there to try. Just as there are too many beauty treatments for one face to undergo in a lifetime. How do you tell what actually works and what are simply a waste of your time (and money)?


What Super-agers Say:

“Do your research” advises Camille “I have gone to many beauty salons who have sold me packages with amazing-sounding claims but failed to deliver on their promises. Remember when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

“Word of mouth is most important to me. I trust what my friends have tried, that way I know what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, beware of online scams especially when it comes to skincare.I never use anything except those I get from my doctor’s office” reveals Lauren.

What Doctors Say: 

“There are just too many aesthetic treatments out there with sky-high claims, but not all will live up to the hype” explains Dr Michelle Lim, aesthetic doctor from The Sloane Clinic, voted one of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore by ‘Best of Singapore’. She continues “Even amongst lasers, there are FDA approved versions and generic versions which gives results that are worlds apart. It’s like saying Ferrari and a Proton are both cars, thus they should have the same performance? Similarly, always go to trusted medical establishments that invest heavily in technology to give you the bang for your buck.”

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You are more than just skin deep

Your skin is a reflection of your general well-being. What you put into your body will also eventually show up on your face. If your sins include smoking, binge-drinking and sunbathing, then you are doing your skin a disservice. On the other hand, ‘super-agers’ who typically look at least two decades younger than their actual years, usually adopt one of these healthy lifestyle habits: (1) they have regular and sufficient sleep. It is when you sleep that your skin has time to regenerate. (2) they eat well. By ‘well’, we don’t mean rich foods, rather we mean unprocessed whole foods and a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. (3) they avoid white sugar like poison. Studies have shown that white sugar (like those found in soda, cakes and sweets) accelerate premature cellular aging. (4) they get regular exercise. By maintaining a healthy metabolic rate, your body functions optimally. This is the best investment for looking your best in years to come.


What Super-agers Say:

“I run 5km three times a week and have been doing so since I was 40” says Mary, a 53 year old banker who will be competing in her first half marathon at the end of this year.

“I have a personal trainer whom I see twice a week. On top of that, I do yoga three times a week. Keeping fit makes me look young and feel young. Sure, there are times I feel like skipping a day, but I am all about long term goals” shares Camille.

What Doctors Say: 

“Laughter is the best medicine I believe” says Dr Low. “Everything in moderation doesn’t hurt either.”

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